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Our B.V.I. Adventure is designed to give our family, friends and any other interested followers a look into the life of two expatriates making their way on the island of Tortola. Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands.

So, why did we move 2,000 miles away from our home in Knoxville, Tennessee? Michael accepted a position as the director of retail and international sales for a Caribbean clothing brand.



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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


A few things that you may not know about the BVI... 

There are no mailboxes at the end of the driveways here...no mailmen driving little trucks around the island delivering mail...no house numbers...and very few marked street names! 

So, how do we get our mail?  Well, as you can see in the photo below, it's through Michael's company's  P.O. Box.   

I was delighted when he came home from work yesterday with a huge stack of Christmas cards!  We had received a few before Christmas, but I was afraid we'd been crossed off most of our friends' Christmas card lists this year.  :(  I loved opening them all.  Almost all of them featured beautiful photos of our friends, their children, pets, wedding, vacations, etc..  Thanks everyone! 

Oh, and another unrelated side effect of not having a home address?  "It's not delivery, it's Digiorno."  There is no such thing as pizza delivery on the island.  So next time you pick up the phone to call Domino's, think of us! There are times we wish we had that little luxury!