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Our B.V.I. Adventure is designed to give our family, friends and any other interested followers a look into the life of two expatriates making their way on the island of Tortola. Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands.

So, why did we move 2,000 miles away from our home in Knoxville, Tennessee? Michael accepted a position as the director of retail and international sales for a Caribbean clothing brand.



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Thursday, February 16, 2012


One of the best things about living on Tortola is getting off of Tortola.  Let me explain...

"Getting off the rock" is a common expression around here and it may mean catching a flight to San Juan or a ferry to St. Thomas, or more simply a boat bound for nowhere.

In our case, our boat was bound for Scrub Island on Sunday.  This was Anna Drake's first time testing out her new life jacket.  While it may look too big for her, there's a pretty smart system of belts and buckles that makes this jacket fit quite snugly around her teeny little body.

Even though Scrub Island is just a 10-minute boat ride from Tortola, it provides just enough of a change of scenery so we can appreciate this place to the fullest.  There is plenty of shade at Scrub Island with all of the umbrellas standing tall over the comfy lounge chairs.  We just had to take Anna Drake in the pool for a dip between her naps, so she could show of her swimsuit.  (Thanks Allison!  It fits her perfectly!)  

The staff at Scrub is very attentive.  And may I recommend the crab cake and avocado sandwich for lunch?  It's big enough to share, for sure!

After lunch, I got back on a stand-up paddle board for the first time in nearly a year.  I had given it up while I was pregnant for fear of falling.  Michael sat with Anna Drake underneath a sea grape tree and snapped some photos.

Conditions for paddle boarding were ideal... There was hardly any wind and the current that runs between Scrub Island and Great Camino wasn't too swift, making for an easy paddle.  I was able to SUP right next to a HUGE yacht that we had the pleasure of watching dock at Scrub Island.  

We just had to google it!  The Argyll is 153 feet long and requires a crew of 10.  That's the same number of guests it sleeps as well.  It's funny because as we walked about the resort we could hear other guests whispering about the yacht and speculating who was on it.  (Apparently, rental runs approximately $150,000/week.) We never saw any of the guests, just the crew...  The yacht dwarfed the 24' center console power boat we took back to Tortola that afternoon.  Can you tell Anna Drake had a great time?  (This was her on the car ride home...)
Now, what to do next weekend???  


Miss Earhart said...

Love the one of her sleeping in the car... : )