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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Airport Runway Expansion

There's been talk about a runway expansion at Beef Island airport for years now, but it looks like real plans are beginning to take shape.  If you've flown into Tortola, you know, the runway is small.

But the question is being asked - is an expansion really needed?  And if so, at what cost?  The nearby Trellis Bay and the cays, Bellamy and Marina would be drastically affected by the proposed expansion.  

Right now, to fly (commercially) to the BVI, you must first stop in Puerto Rico from the US or Antigua from the UK.  Or, you can fly direct to Saint Thomas and catch a ferry to the BVI.  We've done it both ways, as have many of our guests.

In today's paper, the owners of The Last Resort, a very unique and special restaurant, authored an op ed on the subject.  It questions the expansion and highlights the sad reality that would result for many of the businesses that call Trellis Bay home:

Attempting to get larger numbers of visitors to a destination quicker and cheaper by destroying the very thing that attracts them in the first place doesn’t make any sense. The VI has been blessed with unique and magical natural beauty, yet some residents seem hellbent on sacrificing their inheritance to this blind and voracious god called “Development.”

Let's hope a compromise is found!!!


Pickle said...

I read this article too, I really hope we aren't seeing the end of Last Resort, I love that place xx

Whitney said...

I love The Last Resort too. Part of what I love about BVI so much is that it isn't overcrowded and full of people. I would much rather have that extra flight or have Speedy's drop me off than a larger airport taking away part of the beauty. It will be interesting to see what happens!

Coconut Wire said...

I have to agree with the owners of the Last Resort....we've seen what "development" has done to other islands (ehem St. Thomas!). Let's keep BVI special :)