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Our B.V.I. Adventure is designed to give our family, friends and any other interested followers a look into the life of two expatriates making their way on the island of Tortola. Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands.

So, why did we move 2,000 miles away from our home in Knoxville, Tennessee? Michael accepted a position as the director of retail and international sales for a Caribbean clothing brand.



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living in the British virgin islands
Sunday, January 2, 2011

Exit Survey: Sharon & Dennis

Our apologies...
This exit survey is somewhat delayed.  With the craziness of Christmas and the back-to-back house guests, this post has been sitting in the drafts folder for more than a week! 

We had such a great time with Sharon and Dennis and we're so grateful that their trip could be extended due to Mother Nature!  Not only were we able to share Christmas together, but Michael's parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary while in the BVI...Happy Anniversary you two!  {Thanks to the staff at Charlie's at the Moorings who made it so special!  Dinner was delicious!}

Onto the exit survey!

Which Pusser's locations did you visit on your trip?
(Road Town Pub, Leverick Bay, Pusser's East, Marina Cay, Soper's Hole)
Answer(s): We visited Pusser’s East, Marina Cay and Road Town Pub.  The lobster was out of this world at Marina Cay!
Here's photographic evidence:
Approximately how many cruise ships did you see pass by Gecko Manor II?
Answer: I believe there were approximately 18 cruise ships and a few awesome sail boats!!

How do the accommodations at Gecko Manor II compare to the old house? 
Answer:  OMG!! A HUGE DIFFERENCE! We actually felt like we were in the states.
What is your favorite song that Da Tree Men performed?
Answer: Hey Jude! They rocked the night we saw them perform – all their music was great, but Hey Jude was the best!!

Which of the following would you recommend to holiday travelers going through security at the airport?
A)  Pack a lot of patience!
B)  Smile and greet all TSA agents with "Merry Christmas!"
C)  Break into a cold sweat and faint.
D)  All of the above
E)  None of the above
Answer: Breaking out into a cold sweat and fainting really does get you through the line faster, but then you have to deal with the EMTs who will discourage you from flying.
(Bless his heart!  Dennis got off to a rough start in the Atlanta airport, but he forged ahead and got on the plane - BVI bound!  Within 24 hours we had nursed him back to health.  Nothing a painkiller can't fix!)

True or False...
Even though we swapped snow for sand, it still felt like Christmas, even in the BVI!

Answer: TRUE!! When we saw Santa at Soggy Dollar and his three "hoes" it certainly felt like Christmas!! What a fun day!

Much love to my in-laws!!!  A daughter-in-law couldn't ask for a better pair.  And a huge thanks for our Christmas gifts...  We love our Kindles!