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Our B.V.I. Adventure is designed to give our family, friends and any other interested followers a look into the life of two expatriates making their way on the island of Tortola. Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands.

So, why did we move 2,000 miles away from our home in Knoxville, Tennessee? Michael accepted a position as the director of retail and international sales for a Caribbean clothing brand.



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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 253: Mail Maladies

We've had our share of problems with the mail service in the BVI.  Because there are no home address (or business addresses for that matter) all is handled with P.O. Boxes.
And when it comes to sending a piece of mail, I've yet to figure out how much postage is required so

I'll usually put two First Class Stamps on letters.  Sometimes it takes months for a teeny tiny thank-you note to reach its final destination in the states.  Are they sending this mail by boat???  I'm starting to get paranoid that not all mail I've sent has been delivered! 

So back to receiving mail, we do not have our own P.O. Box but use Pusser's instead.  So, every couple of days Michael will check the stack of mail in the office and see if we have anything.
On Day 253, he found this in the stack!  Notice the blue stamp at the bottom of the envelope.
MISSENT TO INDIA!?!  I wonder how that happened!  And to Courtney, who so graciously sent us a thank-you note for the items we donated to the Brian Henry Golf Tournament, it finally got here!  A good month and a half after you put it in the mail!  Ha!
So, if you haven't received a thank-you note from me, and you think you are deserving of one, be patient!  It'll get there...after a stop in India or somewhere else lovely.
Maybe we should all start using cocodot - it's a social media site where you can create notes, invitations, birthday cards, and send them electronically to friends and family (for a fee of course!)  They even have a Lilly Pulitzer collection...check out this one with gators!
Sincerely Yours...

SIDE NOTE:  Courtney has rescheduled her trip to the BVI and I couldn't be more excited.  You may remember, she postponed her trip earlier in the year because of her husband Brian's accident.  Cannot wait to have her here for a few days in November!


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