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Our B.V.I. Adventure is designed to give our family, friends and any other interested followers a look into the life of two expatriates making their way on the island of Tortola. Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands.

So, why did we move 2,000 miles away from our home in Knoxville, Tennessee? Michael accepted a position as the director of retail and international sales for a Caribbean clothing brand.



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Monday, August 30, 2010

Winds Are Picking Up

It's 10:30 a.m. on Day 271.  We just got back from Road Town where Michael had to close up Pusser's flagship store. 

Some of the ladies who work there came in to help as well.  In the case of flooding, we moved all of the items from the floor.  We also brought in items from the glass porch on the second story.  Apparently it is susceptible to leaks.  And in the worst case scenerio, the glass could break which would surely make the inventory decoration for the landscape below. 

Earl is now a Category 3 and it's expected to gain even more strength as it approaches the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico...we are only 60 miles east of Puerto Rico, so if you see video on the news from there, you can imagine that's what we're experiencing too.

Before we left to come home and finish preparations here, I shot some video of the palm trees right outside of Pusser's in Road Town.  Not sure how strong these winds are, but it's clearly just the beginning.

We are back at the house and fortunately our power is on and we still have cable, which is a miracle!  Everyone else we've talked to has been without power all morning.  Ours has been intermittent, but I'll take it!  Thanks for all of the thoughtful comments on Facebook!  We appreciate all the prayers so very much!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, keeping our fingers crossed for you. Please keep on updating!!


Anonymous said...

Hoping you guys stay safe!!!

Kevin said...

Hope you guys are safe and sound. We're praying for you.